Does This Even Work?

workI’m not really one to try new things, but like everyone, we all have some things in our lives that a new product could easily resolve.  You may see something advertised and be hesitant to buy it, simply because it’s not the same product you hate but still faithfully use.  Now I will try them for you.

For each product I add to the list, there will be a corresponding story linked to it describing my experience in most cases.  The three ratings that will be distributed are “Shut Up And Take My Money!” (for great working products), “They Took My Money…” (for products that need some tweaks), and “I Want My Money Back!” (for products that don’t work, cause bodily harm, etc.).

Legal disclaimer: if your product is reflected in a negative light on this site, it is your own damn fault and you have no reason to complain.

Shut Up And Take My Money!

Beauty Products:
Shave Secret

The Political Machine 2016

They Took My Money…

Beauty Products:
Harry’s Razors

I Want My Money Back!

Coldstone Creamery Milkshakers – Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Mainstays Garment Bag