Harry’s Razors

harry's.jpgToday on Does This Even Work?, I take a look at yet another shaving product.

Harry’s Razors advertise themselves as a premium razor for someone wanting to save a few cents.  It’s not an unreasonable hope that a quality razor can be made without charging upwards of $20 for replacement razors.  Seriously, Gillette, you’re fucking ridiculous with your pricing.  But can the advertising really be believed?

The main competitor for Harry’s seems to be Dollar Shave Club, which to my understanding is only available through a mail order service.  Harry’s, on the other hand, can easily be found at Target, which made my decision on which product to try a lot easier.  After all, what happens if I need a new razor and my monthly allotment hasn’t arrived in the post?  Not to mention that Harry’s is only a fraction more expensive than Dollar Shave Club to begin with.  So on that end, Harry’s wins.

Price is a major selling point with these razors.  If I were to purchase replacement cartridges for my Gillette Fusion, I would be paying roughly $18 after tax.  Harry’s, on the other hand, charges about $8 for their cartridges.  Definitely see the appeal here.

But how does it shave?  Well, much like with Shave Secret, I decided to use it on some sensitive naughty bits to see, though I will clarify that I did not use Shave Secret for this product test but, instead, Gillette shave gel that I typically use, as to properly compare between my old razor and Harry’s.  Although there were a few minor cuts (as would be the case with any new razor), I found the shave to be above average for a razor in its price range.  It really was like taking a weed whacker to my pubes and took virtually no time at all.  I was truly impressed.

As far as shaving my face is concerned, I was impressed with the precision razor on the top of the cartridge, much like my Gillette Fusion had.  Since I have a chin strap that runs down my face, it’s very convenient to have that feature for meticulous grooming.

However, not everything with this razor is worthy of positive praise.  One noticeable difference with these blade cartridges is that the casing around the blades is made of plastic.  Not at all something that would be surprising for a cheaper blade, but this is supposed to rival Gillette and Schick, not the disposable Noxema razors.  As a result, if you’re clumsy enough to drop your razor on the right spot, the entire razor separates and is essentially ruined.  I’ve never seen that with any razor, and I wish I had taken  a picture.

The razors themselves don’t seem to last too long, either.  After a few normal shaves with the non-pube cartridge, I noticed that more effort was needed for a proper shave than before.  After about ten shaves, there was very little point in even using it.  By comparison, my Gillette razors would last significantly longer than that depending on how they were used.  With this in mind, if you’re getting only half the usage at half the price, why would it be worth it to use Harry’s?

Finally, as much as I bragged about the precision razor previously, I need to explain that the version on Gillette razors is much better than Harry’s.  Although Harry’s version did cut the hair, it cut my skin up, as well.  Perhaps some of that is to be expected, but not to the degree I experienced it with Harry’s.  Luckily, they were never very deep cuts and were pretty quick to heal, but still.

In short, Harry’s razors provide a somewhat cost efficient option for those not looking to get raped in the ass by the major razor companies.  However, the money one saves on these razors really turns out not to be worth it.  Perhaps Dollar Shave Club is a better option, but without having tried them, I cannot say for sure.  Still, it’s not the worst shave I’ve ever had.

Official rating: They Took My Money…


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