A Lonely Existence, Indeed

food truckI really do not get to blog as often as I would like.  Given how much I work, how many unnecessary bullshits I have to deal with, and people just being…people, it seems that my life consists of one step forward, two steps back.  But I do have some updates.

Within the last month or so, I’ve received two parking tickets and one citation, one of which was for not turning my wheels towards the curb.  I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Although I’ve been working nonstop, a lot of that has been making up for the $300 lost to me.  I do have other bills, as well as other random tidbits of bullshit, and living expenses in general.  That fucking hurt, and I still haven’t really recovered.

One of those random tidbits of bullshit is my taxes.  While I was a car salesman last year, I was a 1099 employee.  For those who don’t know what that is, it more or less meant that I was a contractor and not an official employee.  As a result, no taxes were taken out.  So for the first time in my fucking life, I have to pay taxes.  If I had a kid, however, I would be getting money back.  Perhaps I should just fuck someone for the tax benefits alone.

The food truck I’m working on seems to be improving.  Winter is always tough for food trucks but it’s apparent that we’re in for a really busy summer.  More hours for me, it seems.  Although my boss can be moody as hell sometimes, I can be, as well, so it’s easy for me to let it go.

Despite having made a more conscious effort to work out, I don’t seem to be losing any weight.  Possibly because I have the unhealthiest diet imaginable.  I really need to work on that.

Speaking of being active, the Colorado Rockies are breaking my heart.  Seriously: Chad Bettis is likely out for the season, perhaps finished as a professional baseball player, due to testicular cancer.  Ian Desmond, the overpriced utility man signed to play first base, has a broken hand.  Those were perhaps two key pieces to a playoff run by the Rockies, and now we’re stuck relying potentially on Mark Reynolds and God forbid Jordan Lyles to play strong for the entire season.  Although I will admit it will be nice seeing the Sheriff of Swattingham back again.

Team USA actually won the World Baseball Classic.  Amazing it took this long for the country who invented baseball to win the World Baseball Classic!  Geez.  Nolan Arenado had some key at bats but generally slumped through the tournament, and although represented by a limited sample size, his Spring Training numbers are not looking too good, either.  But we did get the epic Nolan/CarGo matchup diehard Rockies fans hoped it would be.

Oh, and Jake McGee was on the team.  Not really sure what he did.  I don’t really like Jake McGee, anyway.

I’m actually in the laundromat writing this blog, just to give you a quick update.  There’s a chick right in front of me with a nice ass.  It was worth mentioning in this blog.


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