Planet Fitness (Junipero Serra Boulevard) – Daly City, California

theft.jpegToday, I will discuss the Planet Fitness in Daly City, California, and how they have made their way onto my shit list.

On Sunday, I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for about an hour before heading into the locker room to shower.  I took everything with me that I needed and secured my remaining belongings in my locker with a combination lock.  Fifteen minutes later, I discovered my locker had been broke into and all of my cash, which amounted to $300, was stolen.

Now, the gym does have signs saying to beware of thieves, thus why I had a combo lock on my locker.  However, it did not seem that anyone employed by the gym was actually keeping an eye on the locker rooms like they were supposed to, since all of them were behind the counter having a grand ol’ time.

When I reported it to the front desk, they said all they could do was take an incident report and call the police.  I agreed, but they never called the police.  I didn’t have time to continue waiting, so I said I would go back the next day.  The next morning, however, the general manager was not there and I once again didn’t have time to deal with it.  I did return that afternoon to deal with a police report, as well as talk to the GM.

Instead, I got to argue with an assistant manager with Miya, a black woman with an attitude.  She was incredibly rude and unhelpful to my situation, and I decided that while I was waiting on the police to arrive, I would annoy her.  So as customers walked into the gym, I would warn them there were thieves who used the gym, as people should be aware that their belongings aren’t safe in the current environment fostered by the management.

As you may imagine, Miya didn’t take too kindly to what she perceived as harassment of clients.  I explained to her that I was going to warn their customers of the theft problems the gym has had, to which she responded I was the only one who was a victim of theft.  Turns out that this had happened to other clients that I had reached out to, which flew in the face of what Miya had said.

Eventually, the police officer arrived and we filled out a report.  We had gone back inside to speak with Miya, who was completely unprofessional with me and the police officer.  It was at this point that I decided I was going to take this location to court.

I would go more in depth, but it’s been way too exhausting to deal with.  Nevertheless, don’t go here.

Official rating: Donald Trump’s Dumps


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