Mainstays Garment Bag

garment bag.jpgToday on Does This Even Work?, I will discuss my experiences with the Mainstays garment bag, sold at Walmart for less than $3.

First, I will admit that I expected a better quality product than I should have given the price.  However, given how basic of a product this is, and given that I have seen these sold at Dollar Tree once upon a time, I figured it would do for my purposes.

Now, for those of you who don’t know my life story, all of my belongings are in my car, including my suit.  I had been wrapping it in a plastic dry cleaning bag, but I wanted something more substantial for it in order to prevent the car’s funk from seeping into the fabric.  So given how poor I am, I went to Walmart to look for a garment bag.

I found the Mainstays garment bag and given the price, figured it would be just sufficient enough for my needs.  After waiting in line for an eternity, I went out to my car and put my suit in the bag.  As I was pulling up the zipper, it ripped off and ruined the bag.  Incredibly pissed, I went inside to exchange it, where I waited in the customer service line for over 45 minutes.  Not thinking ahead, I had to get a cash refund, get a new bag, and stand in line for another thirty minutes.  I’m really fucking tired of Walmart at this point, and given how much I already hate Walmart, I’m really wanting to punch someone in the face.

Like deja vu, as I pulled the zipper, it ripped and ruined the bag.  Again.  Which means that I had to stand in the customer service line again and hear some smartass comment about how I was just there.  Luckily this time, I thought ahead and simply exchanged the bag.  And this time around, I was very careful when pulling the zipper up.  Thank God, it didn’t break.

However, since I was needing my suit for job interviews, I had to pull the bag out of my trunk.  Sure enough, the zipper broke off.  At that point, I went Office Space fax machine scene on the bag.

In short, this bag was an incredibly poor quality product that had the same defect with three different bags.  It is honestly worth paying the extra money for a better quality bag so you’re not having to constantly return or exchange it.

Official rating: I Want My Money Back!


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