Now Is The Time To Fight

trump.pngToday begins the era of Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States of America.  Even as Barack Obama walks away from the White House, it still feels unreal to me that we as a people have regressed to this.  I’ve always said we don’t live in the days of Jefferson, Lincoln, or even Kennedy, but this is simply too much to register.

So many aspects of a Trump presidency are still frightening to think about.  The Supreme Court, Obamacare, or even the fact that he has access to the nuclear codes.  But none of that even touches my reservations about his ties to Russia or denial of Putin’s involvement in the election hackings.

What now?

We have four years where we can do one of two things: we can sit back and wait for our chance to kick him to the curb, or we can actively fight against his extremist agenda.  Which will you choose?

Those opposed to the Nazi regime during World War II were silenced, from the media to private citizens.  Waiting four years may not be an option, given Trump’s disdain for the media or anyone he considers an adversary.  Will you take the chance?

I know I won’t.


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