Boring For A Change

convenience.jpgSo a minor update.

For a long time, I’ve said that my preferred job would be working in a convenience store.  Possibly the best job I ever had was the very first one of my adult life, working at an Exxon station in Bulverde, Texas, which has since been torn down.  And although I had applied for many positions at these types of businesses, I have had no luck getting my foot in the door.

Until now.

That’s right.  Your good ol’ buddy John Wolf will be working at a Valero station.  Not going to tell you which one, because that could seriously compromise my employment if they ever read half of this stuff, but it’s a really nice store.  Today was my first day, and it seems that I’ll enjoy myself quite a bit working for this establishment.  Why?  Because it’s a boring job that stays in one place and is somewhat uneventful.  In other words, it’s stable employment.

About fucking time.


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