Shave Secret

shave-secretThe first product review of my “Does This Even Work?” series inspired me to start the series in the first place.

I hate shaving.  No matter how much money I spend on razors, shave creams and gels, and after shave, I am still overcome with sensitivity issues, nicks, and redness all over my neck.  As someone who sports a beard, it would be great if I had a better option.

Enter Shave Secret.  For less than $4 at Walmart, you get a tiny bottle of oil that advertises itself as “The Best Shave Ever”.  At first glance, you may see a completely overpriced newfangled shaving lubricant that won’t last long and likely won’t do as good a job as traditional shave creams.  You take a closer look at the directions, and it instructs you to place only three drops in your hand and lather the surface you’re about to shave.  No way that’ll work…

So now you’re going to actually use this for the first time.  Three drops, it says, but you’re still skeptical.  As you rub your hands together and prepare to apply this to your face, you notice it doesn’t lather like traditional shaving creams and gels.  How can this possibly work?

Amazingly, it does.  Testing this product with an old razor, I expected that this would be a failure and a waste of money.  The product did exactly as advertised: provided a better shaving experience.  No nicks, cuts, or irritation.  Perhaps not the closest shave in the world, but Shave Secret already thought of this: shave again, and you’re good.  That’s exactly what I did, and it worked!

Shave Secret also states that the product is good for use in the bikini area.  Given that I don’t wear a bikini, but do shave my pubes, I decided to give this product a try down there.  Now we’re in the danger zone.  But amazingly, this was probably the smoothest shave I ever had for my cock and balls.  Again, no nicks, cuts, or irritation.  In addition, it was incredibly easy to shave when compared to my experiences in the past.  Perhaps this product is best used on pubic hair?

The best part about this product?  No rinsing after your shave is necessary.  Instead, it is encouraged that you simply rub the product into your skin for moisturizing.  You can do that because there are no cleansing agents in the product like most other shave creams and gels, so your skin will not dry out or become irritated.  The menthol and clove leave you with a slightly tingly feeling but nothing to be alarmed about.

Also noteworthy is that you can use any razor with this product.  Straight razors?  No problem!

One downside is rinsing off your razor.  The oil doesn’t seem to come off as easy as traditional creams and gels, but seems like a small price to pay given how well this product works.

Gotta say, this product took me by surprise and won my heart.  Sure, the product could be a little less expensive, but how much is too much to avoid bleeding?

Official Rating: Shut Up And Take My Money!


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