Kanye West Has Officially Gone Crazy

kanyeThe article I’ve chosen for this week relates to Kanye West’s meltdown at a Sacramento concert on November 19.  After public outcry against fifteen minute rant that resulted in a premature ending to his performance, he has cancelled the remaining stint of his tour, which ran through the remainder of the year.  If you have not yet watched the video, check it out for yourself.

If you don’t want to watch Kanye West in general, and I certainly couldn’t blame you, I’ll break this down.

After roughly two and a half songs, Kanye West begins an epic rant that resulted in turning an entire audience against him.  From bitching about radio, to discussing his outburst at the VMAs where he interrupted Taylor Swift, and even calling out Mark Zuckerberg presumably because he didn’t give Kanye millions of dollars.

This wasn’t the first time that Kanye ear raped an unsuspecting audience with his nonsense.  Just the night before in San Jose, he went on a very similar rant that also drew ire from the paying public.

I like to think that most of America thinks that Kanye West is a complete jackass.  Even President Obama said so on a hot mic one day.  And although I do believe that folks who paid money to hear Kanye West bitch about his life are owed an apology and a refund, I don’t think he was terribly wrong with what he said.  The idea that Google and Facebook lied to people is perhaps true, as even Google and Facebook have admitted, claiming that fake news is rampant and a concern that has not been addressed, although unlikely the point West was trying to make.  The fact that “middle America felt a way” can  be interpreted a few ways, racism being what I took from it.  But perhaps the most amusing was his assertion that Jay Z was going to send guys out to have him whacked.  If only.

But what seems to be the biggest takeaway from the shitshow had to be his admission that he did not vote in the recent election, but had he done so, he would have voted for Trump.  In the San Jose concert, he claimed Trump was a genius.  Of course Kanye likes Donald Trump; both are blowhards with no sense of reality who both use the ‘n’ word.

Kanye, you’re a talentless hack.  Even your wife doesn’t like you.

For the full article, you may find it here.

Kanye West cancels rest of tour: Are fans fed up?


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