Bank Of America Killed My Rep

angry.pngA few days ago, I attempted an online purchase of a computer game called “The Political Machine 2016”.  Stardock’s website declined my card, and I was immediately sent an email explaining that my card had been declined for suspicious transactions.  Naturally, I figured that the online purchase was what triggered the alert.  So I called Bank Of America to sort out the issue and to have my card reactivated.

One hour later, I was able to get a hold of a live human being.  I was asked a series of bizarre questions, such as how much money I opened my account with.  Who remembers that?  $25, maybe?  Because I could not answer the ridiculous questions, I was forced to go into a branch, which I could have done anyway.  At that point, I shot off a quick tweet to Bank Of America complaining of their stupidity.  I received a form reply apologizing for the inconvenience.  Ordinarily I would have ignored it, but when the branch I visited had to call the same number that I had already called, thereby wasting another hour of my life, I decided to start going after the company on the world’s second largest social network.


I found it interesting that BOA actually has a separate account directly for customer complaints, as to not tarnish their official page with admitting how terrible they are.  So I kept going, and even asked why it was the Twitter handlers were the only ones who actually wanted to help.


By this point, I had already resolved my issues with Bank Of America and did not need anyone to actually call me.  However, it did seem like BL, whoever this man or woman was, was going to just keep replying.  So I played along.


But then I saw that there was a new person who wanted to help.  LS evidently had to get his nose in my business.  I could only assume that Bank Of America was taking me seriously and had their big guns on me now.  BL was gone, and I wanted him back.


BL was evidently gone, and he wasn’t coming back.  And they let me know.


I feared for BL.  There was something very suspicious.  Yes, Bank Of America’s customer service is terrible.  Yes, BL’s insistence on actually helping me through my trolling was likely against company protocol.  But he didn’t deserve to be taken off duty.  And given how sleazy the company is, I could not be sure that something terrible had not befallen him.


Bank Of America evidently caught on to the joke and stopped replying.  But I never heard back from BL, and I believe he may be dead.  It’s important that you share this, because otherwise there will never be #JusticeForBL.

As a final thought, Bank Of America actually sent me a form follow up email asking my thoughts on their customer service.  I believe this blog will suffice as a response.


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