Life Sucks, Like Always


Me right now

The last several days have been quite busy for me.  Between work and more work, I barely find time to run my own personal errands, much less tend to this blog that no one reads.  Still, it’s been an interesting ride along the way.

I began working for a new food truck that took me to BlizzCon in Anaheim.  Although I was not there for the weekend event, I did get to be there during the opening day.  Lots of money was made, lots of aggravation ensued.  But I did make over $100 in tips, so at least this new part time job can have profitable days.

What got me about the event was how many couples I saw holding hands as they walked by.  As someone who is perpetually alone, it really did kind of sting when I saw it.  Others probably think “Good for them, they look happy”, but I kind of wish they would trip and give me something to feel better about.

Another event I was working this weekend was a Muslim bazaar in Garden Grove.  Many things happened that took me completely out of my element.  First, Muslims will only eat food that is “halal”, meaning basically that someone has prayed over it.  Otherwise, you’re supposedly unclean.  So for all of our meats, people would ask for it, be informed they would burn in hell if they ate it, and then decide against it.

About midway through the event, Christian protesters showed up with a bullhorn.  Although I yelled at them to go away, and although my boss discussed their stupidity to a journalist, and although they are fucking morons, the protesters crowded the entrance shouting that the Muslims were going to burn in hell and that Islam was a deviant cult.  I was relieved that after a couple of hours, they were finally chased away, but for a brief moment, I felt like I was back in Klantown.

Generally, the event was incredibly slow until it wasn’t.  Then people slammed our truck with orders and the wheels almost came off mentally for me.  Between the halal people, poor English from some, line cutting, and dysfunction back of house, combined with the low sense of self worth I already have, and I really did feel like an unhelpful presence.  And then I get angry.

Don’t worry, no one was cussed out.

One plus side of the event was that I got to try goat curry.  I had never eaten goat before, and although it wasn’t bad, I probably would not order it over more traditional meats.  After all, goats will eat tin cans if you let them.  Who knows what kind of trash their digestive systems have dealt with?

The Cubs won the World Series.  After Rajai Davis’ three run bomb in the eighth, the Indians blew it in extras.  I mean, good for the Cubs for finally being a winning team after 108 years, but damn, Indians!  You needed to win one game out of three to win the whole shebang and you choked!  As a fan, I’m heartbroken.  But I’m encouraged that the team as a whole looks to improve next year if they can keep all of their key players who just became free agents.  Nevertheless, I’m still bummed.

Why is nothing new about Donald Trump coming out?  Hillary Clinton looks to be sinking as the election rolls around tomorrow.  Will early vote totals help her overall?  Or has the FBI really screwed her over for this election cycle?  This exciting, yet chaotic presidential election that has spanned roughly two years is almost finally fucking over.  Just think, just tomorrow, we’re going to finally know whether or not the rapey can of Fanta (credit to The Daily Show for that one) becomes the leader of the free world.  Are we all going to live?

I’m so tired.


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