And The Winner Is…


DENVER, COLORADO – Bud Black, right, is named the seventh manager of the Colorado Rockies on November 7, 2016

Mark this day: November 7, 2016.  Today marks the date that Jeff Bridich made perhaps his legacy defining choice for manager, former San Diego Padres skipper Bud Black.

Black was largely considered to be the favorite choice for the position by many pundits, given his experience as a pitcher and as a manager in the NL West.  However, many others expected a less cautious choice, given that Bud Black’s winning percentage as a manager is .474, which is only marginally better than his predecessor, Walt Weiss, who left the Rockies with a .437 WP as manager.

But who else could the Rockies have chosen from?  As you probably don’t recall, I made the suggestion that Jason Giambi should have been given a look, as his hitting prowess can only be of benefit to a team whose entire philosophy should be to crush the ball as much as possible to offset any gains the opposing team makes due to altitude.  But I suppose Jeff Bridich is the only one who can make those choices, and we should see if this Rockies’ franchise can become the highly anticipated winners they think they are or if Bridich loses his job.  Either way, it should be fun.


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