Too Many Anthony Weiner Puns


Seriously doesn’t have the same appeal as Dexter.

So when I write something political, I will usually present you with some facts or web links that you can follow up with.  This is not that kind of blog.  This is more of a rant from me, and you’re just going to read it and nod.

Anthony Weiner was a great congressman.  He was the kind of angry liberal that many people were intrigued by in former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.  He had the “no fucks given” mentality that is typical of someone from New York.  And he was incredibly popular not only in his own district but within Democratic ranks, as well.

Then he tweeted a picture of his dick.  And down came the rain.

Weiner resigned in disgrace and within a few years decided he should run for mayor of New York City.  At first, New Yorkers seemed eager to give the beloved politician a second chance, as he polled first during the early stages of the campaign.  Enter Carlos Danger, an alternate identity used by Weiner online in the course of fulfilling his sexual desires by sending more dick pics.  Weiner came in last in that race.

Throughout all of this, Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, stood by him!  Looked like a complete fool for tolerating his shenanigans for one more moment!  Many people dislike Hillary Clinton for the same reason: staying with a man who time and time again cheats on you.  Loyalty is not supposed to be one sided.  And before some who know me call me a hypocrite on this issue, I will point out that circumstances are different when you’re a high profile citizen.

But finally, in the course of all the controversy swirling around this year’s presidential election, Anthony Weiner had to come in and make it even worse.  Oh, yes, it’s true.  You see, it turns out that Weiner was sexting a fifteen year old girl, discussing a rape fantasy of his and even asking her to record her masturbating via Skype.  As appalling as that is, this was allegedly performed with a device that was in communication with the State Department and had exchanged emails of apparent importance. The FBI is now investigating Hillary Clinton again over the emails, which has everyone in the political world stunned and scrambling.  At least Weiner used a different name this time, but I don’t see him as a “T Dog”.

At least Huma left him this time.  But Jesus, how sick is this guy?  For someone that I once looked up to, I now pity.  RIP Anthony Weiner.  You will probably be raped in prison.


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