Temecula, California: I Kind Of Like It

temecula.jpgDuring my scattered employment, I’ve found myself in Temecula quite a bit.  Today is one of those fateful days that has me in what someone once described as the “armpit of America”.

There does seem to be a lot of weirdness to the town.  Anytime I watch the news, there’s usually something going down here.  Apparently this is also one of those places where the evil clowns are murdering people?  I’m not really sure what that whole thing is about.  Why can’t you just kick the clown in the balls or something?

Anyway.  The Grace Mellman Community Library is quite nice when compared to others I’ve been to.  Is it the largest?  Not by a mile.  Quite literally, the largest library may be very long.  Now I’m Googling this.

According to the Library of Congress, they have 838 miles worth of book shelves.  I wanted to use the word “bookshelving”, but that is in fact not a word.  Thanks, Google.

Anyway.  Again.  The library is quaint, relatively quiet, and has a warm flow to it.  I’m not entirely sure on this whole electrical outlet situation.  But all in all, when you’re waiting to go to work and have nothing else to do, this is not a bad way to spend your time.

The town as a whole seems…brighter.  Maybe the smog of LA makes everything look slightly dull, but it’s vivid and colorful out here.  Winters are probably slightly warmer, though I’m likely talking out of my asshole.  In all seriousness, the town seems more newly developed.  From what I’ve been told, there was a construction boom here and a lot of the people and things are new.  Sounds like it’s a happening spot to be.

Temecula, you haven’t yet irritated me in any way, and I detect a bit of charm to your town, despite the popular opinion that the place is a wasteland.  Don’t despair: people often don’t know what they’re missing out on in life.  Just ask the south.  Mind you, now it’s your job to keep me happy with you.  I suppose you can just keep being you.


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