Five Months Later


Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?  Amazingly, not in San Diego.  And this isn’t her blog.  It’s my blog.  And I’ll tell you where I’m at if I feel like it.  Got it?

It dawned on me that I will be approaching five months living in California.  They say time flies when you’re having fun.  I’ve never actually seen time fly.  But now that we are talking about it, I’m adding a picture of a flying clock onto the page.  And there you go.

But does time fly only when you have fun?  Like, should you be incredibly bored, will time just snooze away and refuse to fly?  Will time skip or jump?  Only time will tell.

My ex-wife had a stroke.  My ex-wife is also in her early 40s, but lupus is a bitch.  When I first heard, I was at work checking my phone when I received a Facebook message from her telling me as such.  She is evidently home now, but has lost some motor function and cannot talk at the present time, though presumably she should be able to again.  But at the present time, she’s a bell and wheelchair shy of Hector Salamanca.

It’s now been years plural since we last saw each other.  But at the same time, I feel like she is my responsibility and I should be there for her.  She says that her family is taking good care of her.  My passionate disagreements with them withstanding, I’m very glad that they are there for her.

Why am I supposed to feel?  She was the woman I married, but I hated her by the time it was over.  I no longer have any strong feelings for her one way or another.  I feel bad that she’s so ill.  But I’ve always seen her ill.  I do worry that she doesn’t have much time left, given her declining health.  Is there anyone out there who understands this?

Met a man last night at a donut shop in Fullerton.  He was a middle aged Asian man who evidently knew my cousin.  His behavior caught me completely off guard, probably because I was high, and I didn’t know what to say to him.  I was so stunned, I ordered a coconut donut.  I don’t even like coconut!

I am working in Huntington Beach today.  Temperatures are much cooler than when you’re more inland.  Spending time at the library until my shift starts at four.  If you are at the Hyatt, come say hello.


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