Subway Allegedly Allowed Jared To Fuck Little Kids


Both of these guys like to fuck kids, but only one does it sexually.

The article I’ve chosen for this week pertains to convicted pedophile, Jared Fogle.  Ex-wife Katie McLaughlin is alleging that Subway, the sub company who employed Fogle, knew of his sexual depravities as early as 2004 and failed to stop him.  However, based on the article, it seems as if the thing that upsets her most is that she married a pedophile and Subway didn’t intervene to inform her that he diddled young girls.

My question is this: if there is a Subway on the Penn State campus, is it like a popular hangout for dudes with windowless vans?

I blame Katie McLaughlin for not realizing at some point he was beating off to underage porn.  I mean, if Jared Fogle is as sick a man as the news stories suggest, surely she had the urge to check the browser history or something.  But no, she just assumed the guy that she was married to was perfectly normal.  Even a franchisee could tell he was a sick man!

As a matter of fact, I never had a good feeling about Jared Fogle.  I always thought there was something off about the guy, but rarely said anything.  But when this came out, I was surprised by how many people felt similarly about him all this time.  Surely the people at Subway, who evidently knew about Fogle’s sick mind, must have figured they could do better.

The full article can be found here.

Jared Fogle’s ex-wife sues Subway, alleging it failed to alert authorities he was pedophile


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