Del Taco (College Plaza Shopping Center) – Fullerton, CA

del taco.jpgThe latest edition to my Not-So-Secret Shopper segment is a place I’ve fallen in love with over the last couple of months.  In my quest for cheap eats, Del Taco has become a staple of mine.  You can get a half pound of food for only a dollar, and if you spend three dollars, you can use a survey code to get a dollar off of your order.  Overall, Del Taco as a whole provides a great value for your dollar, even if the environment leaves something to be desired.

The Del Taco in Fullerton is different.  For a start, it is one of the only fast food restaurants in California that still has at least one electrical outlet for customer use, albeit installed through a ceiling tile.  However, if you’re like me and are using a laptop, the charger can hang down without issue, and staff have never bothered me about it.  It’s incredibly useful to me, as I can eat, use my laptop on free WiFi, and charge my devices through the USB ports.

There’s not a lot of foot traffic that flows through the restaurant, either.  I’ve been sitting here using my laptop for over an hour without any issues, and there have been maybe six people that have eaten here in that time, usually college kids.  The atmosphere is unusually lax and provides for a great environment.

Two downsides: the restroom is located outside and requires a token.  But that being said, the restrooms are not in terrible shape, though still not adequate given that a purchase is required.  The other issue that I have is the length of time you can sustain WiFi service.  Del Taco has a mechanism in place that cuts you off after an hour and makes you wait roughly fifteen minutes to connect again.  But the trade off is getting to hang out at a pretty cool and inexpensive place.

Official Rating: The Bee’s Knees


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