Planet Fitness (Lincoln Avenue) – Anaheim, California


The Judgement Free Zone is now being judged.  How’s that feel, Planet Fitness?

My first addition to my Not-So-Secret Shopper segment for this blog is one that I’ve actually complained about in a previous blog.  But after the last few visits, the location inspired me to trash talk them a bit on the Internet due to their insistence on being a trashy gym.

Rather than rehash my previous blog and duplicate entries, I will assume that you will read the link I provided above and then add the new information I’m about to provide.  If you fail to do that, I cannot be held responsible if you think I’m bitching for no reason.  I promise that I’ve been more than patient with this nasty gym.

Today, the locker rooms were as trashy as ever.  The showers, however, were so nasty, there were bloody band-aids on the walls.  Given how nasty (and potentially dangerous) that can be, I immediately went to the front and informed them of the desperate need for cleaning.  I was told that it could not be done until a male showed up to work to clean them.

WHY IS THERE NOT A MALE EMPLOYEE AVAILABLE?!  Guaranteed that more men than women utilize this gym.  So why would you not have at least one male on staff to attend to the male things?  What if an old man slips and falls in the showers (wouldn’t be the first time); will he have to lie there in agony until a male employee shows?  For the record, no male showed during my time at the gym during this visit, meaning the biological waste remained in the showers throughout the morning.

The only reason I don’t give this gym my lowest rating is simply because I still use them.  They are pushing it after the last few days, but I plan to speak to the manager this coming week and hash out the issues I’ve had.  Should the experience not pan out positively, I may amend my rating.

Official Rating: If You Have To… with an anticipated downward trend.

Now, just to be fair: not all Planet Fitness locations are incredibly shitty.  I’ve been to a lot of them, and the company as a whole has certainly given me a lot of headaches in regards to billing and generally poor customer service.  But there are some gyms that are better than others, so here is a brief list.

The Bee’s Knees:

Fountain Valley (Harbor Boulevard)
Santa Ana (Edinger Avenue)
Whittier (Telegraph Road)

If You Have To…

Hawaiian Gardens (Norwalk Boulevard)
Santa Ana (Bristol Street)

Donald Trump’s Dumps

Anaheim (Katella Avenue)
Bellflower (Artesia Boulevard)
Carson (Lomita Boulevard)


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