My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


As disturbing as that image is, my experience this morning has probably topped it.

First, it’s not even one o’clock as I start typing this.  I have to drive nearly sixty miles for my job site today and will likely be sweating bullets the whole way.  I’m already in a bad mood and I really don’t want to go give out funnel cakes to kids who don’t tip.  So this may come off as more bitchy than normal.

I started my day off with a parking ticket.  Where my car was located, there were no visible signs indicating that overnight parking wasn’t permitted.  But lo and behold, I get to pay $35 to the city of Fullerton now.  Yaaaay…

From there, I went to get my oil changed.  The Firestone shop that opened at 7 AM would not change my oil unless I purchased their more expensive oil and filter.  Given that my Volkswagen takes an expensive, and very hard to find, motor oil, and I can get it cheaper than lube shops will sell it to me.  Significantly cheaper.  So I had to wait for a Meineke to open and change my oil at a still inflated price.  At least it’s done.

After dealing with my car, I visited the gym.  The Planet Fitness in Anaheim isn’t the greatest gym in the world, but for $20 a month, it’s sufficient.  Their locker room, however, leaves something to be desired.

Before, I have seen an old man digging through a trash can, keeping things disposed by previous people, including a nail file I had used.  Yesterday, a man was doing laundry in the locker room by washing their clothes in the shower and drying them with the hand dryer.  Often times the locker rooms smell and have unclean facilities.  However, today kind of topped the cake.

As I prepared for my shower, placing my toiletries on the hand rail and hanging up my towel, I found myself needing to use the toilet.  After about three minutes, I washed my hands and walked back to the shower where I discovered someone was using the one I had already set up shop in.

Flabbergasted, I had to “knock” on the shower curtain and yell for the guy showering to give me their attention.  A naked Latin man opened up the shower and apparently didn’t speak English.  I explained to him, in no uncertain terms, that my stuff was in the shower and that I already had dibs.  He then hands me my stuff.  A naked man hands me my toiletries as I stand there in my underwear.  I am absolutely livid, disgusted, and definitely voiced my feelings as the naked man closed the curtain.

There’s something weird about the way they designed these showers.  There are four, side-by-side.  However, there is only one drain, and the water flows from the end two into the middle.  So if you’re using the middle showers, you get all of the dirty water from the other showers on your feet, where people have jerked off, done drugs (yes, it happens), or were just generally filthy and used the shower.  It’s absolutely disgusting.  And the shower I had my belongings in was, surprisingly, pretty clean today, and was one of the end showers.  Unfortunately for me, some fucking moron stole it from me and I was subjected to one of the nastier showers.

But seriously.  What in the actual fuck?  Nice tiny penis, Latin man.


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