Klantown: An Introduction


PULASKI, TENNESSEE – Courthouse on the square of town after substantial snowfall blanketed the town circa 2010

As this blog progresses, I will tell you a tale about a town hidden away from the rest of society.  Perhaps considered an embarrassment to society, the town is only known for one damning detail that affected the history of this country, or even world.  A detail that still attracts attention from everyone, be it white pride groups or Trivial Pursuit.


Pulaski, Tennessee sits roughly an hour and a half south of Nashville, right north of the Alabama state line.  Certain features of the community include shitty used car lots, a crumbled economy, and high amounts of violent crime and drug use.  Oh, and the Ku Klux Klan was started on the square of town.

Every year, members of white pride groups such as the Aryan Nations visit Pulaski on various dates throughout the year, whether it be Nathan Bedford Forrest’s birthday or Confederate Memorial Day.  The town as a whole has attempted to distance itself from such groups, claiming the best weapon against such entities are to simply ignore them.  However, there’s more to the area than meets the eye.


Which of these Trivial Pursuit questions is referencing Pulaski, Tennessee?  Hint: it’s H

Throughout my time in the town, I witnessed racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted behavior exhibited by the townsfolk.  Some of this behavior has been documented by news organizations throughout the years.  One example was County Commissioner Terry Harwell attacking a citizen during a chili cookoff, knocking citizen Bob Hughes into the road and calling him a “faggot”.  And when this kind of behavior was exhibited in the town, citizens turned a blind eye to it.  On two separate occasions, I was harassed and lied to by police, even being chest bumped by an officer that nearly caused me to fall into the road and break my ankle.  For these and many other reasons, I could no longer live in that hateful town.

I have since decided that the town is a worthless stain on the conscience of America.  People refuse to move there because it’s a terrible place.  Citizens don’t want people to move there and expose the ongoings of the town.  Even local citizens, such as Allen Barrett, are ostracized when they work to straighten the crookedness of the town, but then lose elections to old men charged with child sex crimes.  The town, as a whole, should be villainized and made into a national monument on how not to live your life.

No matter how long it takes, people will hear about this horrific town.

Next time on Klantown: First National Bank


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