A Recap Of A Bizarre Week


Arby’s fish sandwich ad campaign is turning some heads lately.

Usually, I would pick one article and give a brief synopsis, along with the text.  However, there was so much going on, I felt it best if we took a moment and went over some of it.  Donald Trump, although part of the hilarity/sadness, is not part of this week’s list, but you can go here to read my article about his sexist behavior.

Firstly, Arby’s launched an ad campaign for their fish sandwich earlier in the year, complimenting its slogan “We Have The Meats”.  Now, although fish is a protein, we typically do not associate “fish” with “meat”, due to being ignorant Americans.  Arby’s, however, decided to set the world on fire by renaming their fish to “ocean meat”, which is decidedly putrid sounding.  Although the ad has been out for awhile, it has taken the meme universe by storm in the last week, causing Arby’s to perhaps reexamine their advertising campaign due to the backlash.

Next, Shepard Smith apparently feels very strongly about Floridians evacuating from Hurricane Matthew.  In a weather segment that has gone viral, Smith explained, in no uncertain terms, that they would die if the hurricane went twenty miles west and they had not evacuated, even ending with the worst line ever, “And your kids die, too.”

Shepard Smith has always been known to be a character, perhaps coming from his lax Mississippian background.  From a trailer truck police chase, to a fire alarm spontaneously sounding in the news room, Smith has always had a great sense of humor and is one of the only highlights out of a cast of misfits who portray themselves as a news outlet.

Finally, Norway’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, was caught playing Pokemon Go during a debate at the Storting, Norway’s Parliament.  Although I cannot add anything this news story can’t as far as factual information goes, I can say that I understand the PM’s resistance to paying attention to politics.  Although Norway doesn’t have a Cheeto Puff with mold growing on top as a presidential nominee, I am sure that everyone in the world is tired of this year’s political cycle and wishes it were already next year.  So Erna, good for you.  But, because you’re from Norway, you don’t get your own picture on my blog.

Just kidding.  You get the biggest one.  Because you’re a big lady.


Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway and Pokemon Go enthusiast.


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