My Unqualified Endorsements

ballotAnother election season is upon us, and while you’ll see all sorts of high profile endorsements throughout the next few weeks, one understated endorsement you will not see televised is mine.

Why, you may ask, is this famous person not being taken seriously?  First off, I’m not famous, contrary to the fame inside my own head.  Secondly, I’m not remotely qualified to endorse anyone running for office outside of my A.A. in Political Science and low key work for political campaigns.  Lastly, I write a blog no one reads…yet.  But all of that being said, I have made your life easier and created a list of folks and propositions you should vote for or against.

U.S. President – Hillary Clinton

hillary.jpgThis really should come as a no brainer.  There is no way in Hell I will ever encourage you to vote for Donald Trump.  And given that Gary Johnson seems ill prepared for the spotlight (see Aleppo moment), and Jill Stein was nominated at a McDonald’s, I see no alternative other than to vote for Hillary Clinton.  And let’s face it: even if you hate her, she is incredibly qualified for the job, and at least she’s entertaining in an Underwood-esque way.

From here, you will see most races with simply a name, but I will give a brief explanation for races I feel more strongly about.

California Elections

U.S. Senate – Kamala Harris

kamala.pngFull disclosure: I currently live in Loretta Sanchez’s district.  I have nothing against her, but I believe that Kamala Harris has shown the leadership qualities needed for the job.  In her capacity as Attorney General of California, I was impressed with the difficult decision she made to stand up to Corinthian Colleges.  She knew that potentially thousands of students would be put in jeopardy with her refusal to back down, but she knew that thousands more would be duped into massive debt for a worthless degree if she did.  Sadly, in the real world, there will always be winners and losers, but it takes a great mind to see through the short term ramifications and make the right decisions.  Kamala Harris has that quality.  It is also my opinion that she will one day run for president with the qualities I see that she possesses, and I will be the first one to vote for her should that day come.

U.S. House (by district)

District 1 – Jim Reed
District 2 – Jared Huffman
District 3 – John Garamendi
District 6 – Doris Matsui
District 7 – Scott Jones
District 12 – Nancy Pelosi
District 17 – Mike Honda
District 20 – Jimmy Panetta
District 24 – Salud Carbajal
District 29 – Richard Alarcon
District 32 – Grace Napolitano
District 39 – Brett Murdock
District 43 – Maxine Waters
District 44 – Isadore Hall
District 45 – Ron Varasteh

District 46 – Lou Correa

correa.jpgThis endorsement is not because I believe in Lou Correa’s ability to get the job done.  Don’t get me wrong, I do believe he can.  But his general election challenger, Bao Nguyen, is the primary reason for this endorsement.  Bao simply cannot be trusted to be elected to the U.S. House.  His current stance on marijuana legalization conflicts with his actions as mayor of Garden Grove.  And Garden Grove as a whole is just a crappy place unless you’re living in an Asian community, thus the nickname “Garbage Grove”.  I once saw a homeless man’s dick after he whipped it out and pissed in front of my friend’s house.  The local government can’t do anything about that, but they can harass medical marijuana dispensaries at any time.  On top of this, I asked around in the city of Garden Grove as to how they feel about their current mayor, and I was met by widespread criticism by those not of the Asian persuasion.  I do not feel that most of the constituents in this district would be well served if Bao were elected.  For this reason, Lou Correa is the man to support.

District 49 – Douglas Applegate
District 50 – Patrick Malloy

State Assembly District 69 – Tom Daly

Santa Ana Unified School District At Large – Angie Rosario Cano, Mark McLoughlin, and Rigo Rodriguez

Santa Ana Mayor – Ben Vazquez

Santa Ana City Council

Ward 1 – Jessica Cha
Ward 3 – Jose Solorio
Ward 5 – Juan Villegas

Ballot Measures

Proposition 51 – Yes
Proposition 52 – Yes
Proposition 53 – No
Proposition 54 – No
Proposition 55 – Yes
Proposition 56 – Yes
Proposition 57 – Yes
Proposition 58 – No
Proposition 59 – Yes
Proposition 60 – No
Proposition 61 – Yes
Proposition 62 – Yes
Proposition 63 – Yes

Proposition 64 – Yes

potMarijuana legalization is going to happen nationwide during my lifetime.  But my opinion is not based on bias as a pot smoker.

Having lived in Colorado, I’ve seen first hand what the societal costs are when ending the prohibition on marijuana for recreational purposes.  Most of the negative aspects of it were simply due to being the only state (at the time) that had legalized pot for recreational use.  However, there are still regulatory nightmares due to the drug still being illegal on a federal level.

Most people believe that in states where pot is legal, that’s the end of the story.  The fact of the matter is that most localities are still trying to prevent the spread of dispensaries, such as Colorado Springs, Colorado, or Ventura, California.  Because there are no official guidelines from the federal level on how marijuana should be regulated, every state has had to form its own and deal with the challenges themselves.  The only way a lot of these issues will have a final resolution is when the federal government sees no choice but to legalize marijuana and create restrictions on issues such as grow limits, banking, and even power/water usage.  For this reason, I am giving my full support to Prop 64, as it would put our country one step closer towards this goal.

Proposition 65 – Yes
Proposition 66 – No
Proposition 67 – Yes

Colorado Elections

U.S. Senate – Michael Bennet

U.S. House

District 5 – Misty Plowright

misty.jpgLike with Lou Correa, my endorsement of Misty Plowright is not based on her merits.  While it is incredible that she (along with Misty Snow in Utah) became the first trans women to be nominated by a major party for a federal political office, the feat made much more impressive by the fact she lives in the most conservative district in the state, she is overshadowed by the idiocy that comes from the incumbent running for his reelection, Doug Lamborn.

I’ve had a beef with Doug Lamborn for some time, even posting a video on YouTube showing that he altered his website to avoid hearing from his constituents.  Between calling President Obama a “tar baby” to generally being absent from his district, it’s really mind blowing to me that this man gets reelected every time he runs.  The best challenger he’s had to date was Irv Halter in 2014 and yet Doug still bested Irv by nearly 20%.  It is time Colorado Springs got its act together and elected someone who wasn’t a complete tool.

District 6 – Morgan Carroll

State House

District 17 – Tony Exum
District 18 – Pete Lee

Ballot Measures

Amendment T – Yes
Amendment U – Yes

Amendment 69 – No

healthcareFirst off, I am actually in favor of the goal that ColoradoCare carries: to provide a single-payer system of healthcare available to all its citizens.

However, I have seen how state-run healthcare is run in Colorado.  Having been on Medicaid in the state, I can attest to a lot of shortcomings the program had.  Between TABOR limiting any excess money going towards noble causes such as strengthening healthcare or education, a strong Republican base that would rather dismantle government altogether, and an electorate that doesn’t really seem to understand what it is they want (perhaps the altitude?), Colorado has a poorly run state government and stands to become worse should the electorate shift back into a conservative stronghold, which is a definite possibility.  Adding ColoradoCare to this fiasco would only serve to screw over those who wanted the initiative passed, and I would hate to see the good people of Colorado have to deal with the ramifications.

Amendment 70 – Yes
Amendment 71 – Yes
Amendment 72 – Yes
Proposition 106 – Yes
Proposition 107 – Yes
Proposition 108 – Yes

Tennessee Elections

U.S. House

District 4 – Scott DesJarlais

scottI’m honestly a little surprised of myself because of this endorsement.  Back in 2010, I worked with the campaign heavily during the primary season to defeat the incumbent Democrat Lincoln Davis, and although it was my first time being as deeply involved with a federal campaign (that wasn’t a joke candidate) as I was, I definitely learned a lot and felt that I made a positive contribution that aided Scott to his victory.  You’ll never see me credited for the work I did, but there are reasons for that, I suppose.

Since that time, it’s been revealed that Scott DesJarlais has not led a choir boy’s life.  In addition to having affairs with patients, it seems he pressured one of them, in addition to his ex-wife, to have an abortion.  These revelations have been well documented and are repeatedly used against him every election, but he still wins.  Even in 2014, when well respected Jim Tracy ran against him, Scott still won…by 38 votes.  This year serves to be no different.

The reason for the endorsement is obviously not because of his personal character, although I do believe the man he is today does not reflect of who he used to be.  My endorsement is also not based on his voting record, because it honestly makes me sick.  The reason for it is because of one campaign promise he made that he has been true to: keeping in touch with his constituents and being a steward to their wishes.  I will be the first to say that the people in Tennessee’s 4th district are complete morons about 95% of the time, but he does exactly what they want.  Isn’t that what a congressman should do?

Oh, and his family are amazing people who I will never forget.

So until the day arrives a serious Democratic challenger arises, those in the 4th can rest easy knowing that they are being heard.

District 5 – Jim Cooper

District 7 – Tharon Chandler

tharonOnce again, this endorsement is not because of the candidate, themselves.  Tharon’s opponent, Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, is a complete moron.  I hate the fact that the Democratic nominee appears to be an insane person, but it’s still a marginally better choice than Marsha.

I remember when the GOP in Tennessee gerrymandered the districts and I was shoved out of the 4th and into the 7th.  I was steaming mad that my representative was Marsha Blackburn.  There would be a great number of times where she’d appear on MSNBC and make claims that were completely false, to which I would get angry and argue with the television.  I could give specifics, but she is just not worth my time.  Don’t vote for her.

State House District 70 – Calvin Moore

calvin.jpgI’ve known Calvin for a bit now.  He finds me hilarious because he knows I speak my mind, even if people hate me for it.  Overall, he’s a really good man and made a great legislator when he was in office.

He’s been trying to get back into office over the last several elections and continues to lose.  However, it’s not really his fault: people in Giles and Lawrence County tend to be inbred morons who show up to Klan rallies pretty frequently.  But what really gets me is who they’ve elected to this office twice already: Barry Doss.

Barry has had a shady record in the past, even having legal issues with his construction company.  However, there have been allegations made against him that he is a pedophile.  Although there is no proof that this is the case, it’s a rumor that will not die.  I addressed it with him the first election he ran for State House after a debate with, who else, Calvin Moore.  His face was beet red, obviously angry, and threatened to sue me if I told anyone else.  My question was simple: why are the allegations out there?  He could not provide a reply outside of calling it a lie.

Barry looks like a pedophile.  I believe he probably did it.  Vote for the awesome Calvin Moore.  Elect the guy who kisses young girls in a non-sexual manner.

More endorsements to come.


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